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Isn’t it strange that depending on what type of business you talk to, Social Media is seen by some as “incredibly important to engage audiences, enhance marketing and build brand value” or extremely naively as “a necessary evil, at best” by others.

Handled correctly, the fact remains that Social Media is your digital sales person – without the massive financial ramifications of employment. It will allow you to have personal discussions with your chosen targeted audiences and be able to analyse and measure the effectiveness of those discussions so you can adapt, where necessary, to get the best results for your brand.

Social Media works best as part of an integrated marketing strategy but can also be effective as a stand-alone discipline.

The problem a lot of agencies and SME’s have is ‘time’. And time is what you need for Social Media. Apart from planning time you need time to research, time to write, time to respond, time to build a personality, time to build relationships and arguably most important of all, time to LISTEN.

Our time is your time. We have the time because it’s our job! That means you have more time to get on with what you’re good at. Simple really. Call us to find out more on 01473 828385.


New Social Media Facts & Figures

1. YouTube is the strongest of the social networks at introducing new products and driving conversions, according to research by AoL and attribution company Convertro, which analysed 500 million clicks, 15 million conversions and three billion impressions in the first quarter of 2014.

2. The shareability of content is becoming increasingly important to providing value both to consumers and to brands producing that social content.

3. 76% of consumers cite video as their preferred content source for brand information, 24% said video is their ‘most trusted’ source of brand content and 20% feel more emotionally connected with the brand.

Social Media FAQ’s

  1. Why should I be using Social Media? 90% of consumers trust peer recommendation and only 14% of consumers trust advertising.
  2. What are the three main things that build a brand on social media? Consistency, Engagement, Trust. (consistency + engagement = trust)
  3. What do I write about? Creating bias, self advertising content is a proven failure, so engaging and emotion based content and questions are best.
  4. What shouldn’t I use Social Media for? Selling.
  5. What audience do you target? Start with who you already know. Those that already listen. Build from there.
  6. How many times a day or week do you post? Depends on time available but be consistent. Up to four times a day or as little as three times a week.
  7. What days are best to post and what time of day? This can vary depending on your target market but as a rough guide LinkedIn = Tuesday 10.00 to 11.00. Facebook = Thursday 09.00 to 12.00. Twitter = Friday 14.00 to 15.00. These times can change.
  8. Should I use pictures with my posts? Pictures are a way of engaging, so yes. But, not necessarily all the time.
  9. How many Social Media platforms do I start using? Research your market. Keep it simple. Better to be consistent on fewer platforms than sporadic on many. Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and YouTube are popular in the UK.
  10. How many companies do I need to engage to make our Social Media work? One. Us!
  11. How long does it take to get results? This is a slow burn. You will not see results in the short term. But make no mistake, a long term social media strategy is a highly effective marketing tool. Don’t forget 1 in 4 people use social media to inform their purchasing decision.

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