Many businesses today are simply missing out on the power of domain names and the role they play in strategic digital marketing. While some companies are sitting on the sidelines sticking to their outdated traditional marketing strategies, other companies are massively boosting their Ecommerce business by purchasing all the best generic domain names related to their products, services, and locations. They realise they can bolster their marketing and advertising performance while erasing potential assets from their competition. Digital Assets.

Many companies have no problem investing capital and resources into product development, management, infrastructure and staffing etc., but very few have the knowledge and understanding of the power of keyword domains and just how important harnessing the power of those domains can be to their overall marketing strategy.

Why Are Domains So Important?

There are many reasons why domain names are important. They can impact the amount of traffic you receive to your website. They play a major role in where your websites rank in search engines. They affect the consumer’s perception of your brand. They can be remembered or, more importantly, forgotten in an instant.

There are numerous third-party platforms that can ‘host’ your media, but you will always answer to them. They can police what you post, they can delete what you post, they can block you… they control your social media and email. When you ‘own’ your brand name as a domain, you ‘own’ your email, you ‘own’ your media on your URL.

Way back, astute investors were quick to snatch up all the one word, category defining domain names and bluechip corporates have paid huge sums of money to acquire the best domain names for their industries.

Examples: is owned by Lloyds TSB Insurance Services is owned by FirstChoice
ASAP Ventures Ltd (an online car rental company) paid £150,000 for
In Feb 2021, sold for a whopping $3.1m

Further down the corporate budgets, but still investing extremely wisely are the purchasers of these type of domains: sold for $205,000 (2020) sold for £8,066 (Jan 2012) sold for $150,000 (2020) went for £6,240 (April 2012) sold for $106,769 (2020) sold for £8,100 (Oct. 2014) sold for $100,000 (2020) went for £3,050 (Nov. 2014) sold for $80,000 (2020) sold for £2,200 (Jan 2015) sold for £14,400 (2020) sold for $396,000 (2020) sold for £30,000 (2020)

While almost everyone can see the value in owning a one word, generic domain name, most people don’t realise that two or three word (keyword) domain names can be just as effective. In fact, in some cases these “multiple keywords” can be even more effective because they are more targeted and many companies don’t realise these domains can be acquired at very reasonable prices.

In a ‘worst case’ scenario, if all you do is put a basic page, image and link on it, think of it purely as advertising you own. Not just for a month issue like in a magazine, but FOREVER!

Because of the surge in Ecommerce during the pandemic, these digital assets are going fast, so don’t hang about, once they’re gone, they’re gone!

Contact us for more details and if you’re interested in searching for domains that may be valuable to your industry go and have a look at or, alternatively, we can act as domain name consultants for your search and domain purchase.

As an East Anglian based hub the local domains listed below are for sale/lease and could prove extremely shrewd purchases for the right business idea.