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We get you and your stuff noticed and engaged with!

We are community builders, network extenders and match makers and we link businesses with consumers (B2B or B2C) via digital publishing, video and social media.

With the emergence of digital research suggesting that web traffic, network reach and engagement is driven by external more than internal sources through various means such as inbound links from niche content, we have seen an increase in businesses redirecting some of their advertising and marketing budgets to ‘owned’ media.

‘Owned’ media is where the mother brand also owns/uses external sub-brands and drives engagement back to their mother brand via these sub brands. Basically A buys/uses B & C to build A to a greater extent than could have been achieved within A itself.

We are helping businesses create and maintain new brands and sub brands, driving engagement and building brand value.

After planning and set-up this can be maintained solely by you, the brand owner, by your PR/Advertising/Creative agencies or we can run and maintain them for you making sure you are one step away.

We can design and build these brands and produce the communication hooks that are needed to increase network reach through all the digital (SEO, Social Media, Email Marketing etc) and conventional marketing platforms.

We have access to a massive portfolio of sub brands in your sector that we could utilize on your behalf to start boosting your brand value and network reach.

We would like to talk to you further about these new developments and the fantastic value they hold, both financially and strategically, so call 01473 828385 and book an appointment now.

According to Clare Hill, managing director of the Content Marketing Association, the industry (owned media) – which she values at more than £4bn – is disrupting traditional marketing.
“Owned media is now the most important channel within the media landscape, with marketing spend migrating to it from channels such as print advertising,” she says. “This is a significant change for the industry and affects both how brands plan and carry out their campaigns and how they engage with consumers.”